Cloud-Based WAN Optimization.

10. The Riverbed Cloud Steelhead is a variant of its Wide area network optimization device that has been redesigned for cloud surroundings, and the Riverbed Whitewater device is a cloud storage accelerator. Theyboth’ll be available by the year’s end. From the launch event, a slew of partners and analysts that took part joined Riverbed VP Eric Wolford. Riverbed clients like Razorfish were also available. The launch was called a sequel to last year’s event, in which Riverbed asserted optimization products by wolford. Riverbed was there to deliver on exactly the promises made Wolford said, with Whitewater products and the Cloud Steelhead.

Designed to accelerate exactly the process of migrating software and data to the cloud that was public, the Cloud Steelhead would work for associations who utilize Virtual Private Cloud or Amazon EC2, said Wolford. It’ll also accelerate user access to information and also the programs running on the cloud. Integration with another cloud surroundings are in the works, Wolford said. Riverbed’s Steelhead appliances pass information back and forth and sit on each side of a wide area network. The Cloud Steelhead works similarly. IT managers will take a Steelhead appliance that is virtual and deploy it. It’ll communicate with the Steelhead device on the side of the Wide area network connection of the IT organization, whether a Steelhead device or the Virtual Steelhead.


Existing Steelhead installations may easily communicate together with the Cloud Steelhead, Wolford said. The Cloud Steelhead comes along with a brand new discovery system that allows programs to work with the appliance without the need to do any configuration on the own cloud environment, Wolford said. Deploying from the general public cloud is a challenge because IT managers do not know almost everything around the hardware or network environment on which applications are running on, Wolford said. The bodily servers can be moved, IP server addresses along with subnets can change along with the underlying host may also change, particularly in extremely automated virtualized environments, he said.

Utilizing the Discovery Agent, servers are going to automatically redirect connections to exactly the Cloud Steelhead since the link between the Application and Steelhead is maintained, Wolford said. In the launching event, Riverbed demonstrated Cloud Steelhead on a MacBook downloading a file from exactly the cloud, and doing exactly the exact same thing without an optimised Wide area network link. The Cloud Steelhead was noticeably faster, about 10 times. The Riverbed Cloud Portal are going to allow IT administrators to manage current Cloud Steelheads and also to clone settings along with configurations to new instances. The new Whitewater appliance was Designed to seamlessly and securely integrate own cloud storage to the company’s current backup and disaster recovery strategies, Riverbed stated.


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